In Latin, Emitque Partem Agri can be translated as "plot of land".  This is a tribute to the unique geometrical land subdivision plan designed by William S. Ladd in 1891 in Portland Oregon.  Emitque Partem Agri was built for all to recognize and appreciate Classical Architecture as well as the Geometry of the "Ladd's Addition" neighborhood in SE Portland.  The surround and entablature were greatly inspired by an article called "The Magical Entablature" written by Brent Hull.  The finished materials are 100 percent reclaimed/salvaged redwood and douglas fir lumber and moldings.  An attempt was made to follow the principles of Vitruvius, the "Father of Architecture" as well as the guidelines of classical architecture proportions established by Vignola in 1562.

Project Dimensions:


113 inches tall

90 inches wide

18 inches deep


A carpenter by trade, the artist was first intrigued by Ladd's Addition while viewing a map of the area and planning to relocate to the city of Portland in 2016. Over the next two and a half years the idea evolved into the finished piece completed in

January 2019.


Emitque Partem Agri is available for display, consignment or purchase.  See contact details below to schedule a viewing appointment.




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